Two Obsessions

1980, 15' for solo clarinet

First performance: Sprague Hall, New Haven, CT - fall 1980 - Evan Ziporyn, soloist

Two movements, Blue and Temptress, written in the wake of two epiphanal musical encounters, both of which took place in the Rockridge neighborhood of Oakland in the summer of 1980. One was encountering Balinese gamelan (I had traveled there to join Gamelan Sekar Jaya and study with Wayan Suweca), the other was encountering the extraordinary flutist Robert Dick, who had singlehandedly and systematically reinvented his instrument (cf any of his recordings, or his book, The Other Flute). I asked him how to learn to play multiphonics on the clarinet; he answered: 'just dig around in there and see what you find." Good advice, which I continue to try to follow.